Frequently Asked Questions

Is Matri Sudha - A Charitable Trust a private organization

Matri Sudha is registered as a non-government organization, under Societies Registration Act, XXI of 1860 on 28th February, 2001. It is widely known as Matri Sudha among its stakeholders.

How does Matri Sudha ensure that child rights are identified, respected and be taken care by every individual

Matri Sudha works directly with children and community to address grass root problem of child health and nutrition, education and protection. Moreover, participation of children in each and every programme helps to create a platform to raise voice against injustice and inequality. Empowering children and communities to address the issue in a rightful way make sustainable change in the community.

How do we create health and protective environment for all children

Matri Sudha envisions a protective and caring environment for all children wherein a set of programmes, policy, procedures are established to protect children from all forms of abuse, neglect and violence within and outside the organization. Kindly see our 'child protection policy' (PDF)

What is the source of funding to Matri Sudha

Matri Sudha receives funding from private donor agency and individual donors. We do not receive direct funding from government, however, work in coordination with government.

Will your small contribution make difference in lives of children

We believe that 'small things make big', similarly, continued contribution even in a small amount may bring changes in lives of children.See 'how we have brought changes in lives of children' (Link)